The Mensa Admission Test takes two hours to complete and includes two tests featuring questions involving logic and deductive reasoning. If you score at or above the 98th percentile on either of the two tests, you’ll qualify and be invited to join Mensa.

Maine Mensa does not have a set schedule for testing but does an number of as-requested testing sessions throughout the year. We have 2 proctors in the Topsham/Brunswick area, and will do our best to make sure our testing sites are as close to your area as possible.  

If you have questions about the testing process, or are interested in setting up a testing session in your region, please contact:

Chance Stevens-Griffeth – philotrek@gmail.com
Anne Allen – wilsnanni@yahoo.com



8 responses to “Testing

  1. Hello! Is there a possibility of a testing session being anywhere near Fort Kent? Or is Bangor the closest location? I’d love to get tested but have limited means of transportation.

  2. Have a couple of people in Waterville looking to take the test….is that possible?

    • HI! I test and I am in Topsham…would you come to me? I could test in Waterville if we could find an appropriate place.

      Anne Allen 577+6362

  3. I don’t even have a car…but am eager to find a proper spot in waterville (and maybe more people) just let me know what type of place would be appropriate! 🙂

  4. A testing location would need to be in a public area (church, office, library) where the test can be given without any interruptions for 2 hours. Must have comfortable seats, good lighting, etc. Enough room for 5 people testing (we usually only have 2 or 3). I usually only have Sundays available to test, and that rules out libraries. But I can test in an evening like at 6:30pm…… so if you can find some options, I can follow up.

  5. Hi I have a 14 year old son who’s grandfather was a member. He is interested in getting tested himself, is that possible?

  6. Michelle Hoctor

    Kindly put me in touch with an individual in the Brunswick area who can schedule me for the testing required to meet MENSA’s membership guidelines (along with the score naturally). January 2017-March 2017 would be ideal. Thank you, Michelle H.

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