Fingers crossed!

What has Maine Mensa been up to lately?

Once we recovered from our fabulous summer Mini RG (big thanks to everyone who came!), it was time for us to get to work planning for our next big endeavor – our bid for Mind Games 2019!

This has been a big dream of ours for a long time, and we think this year’s bid is the best one EVAH. It’s top secret for now, but we really hope that the Site Selection Committee feels our razzle dazzle and gives us a chance for 2019. The Mensa world needs more (and BIGGER) hot tub tiara parties, right? 

We’ll let you know as soon as we hear about the bid, but in the meantime… start shining up those tiaras because registration for the the New Hamphire RG in February is already open and the hot tub awaits! 

Hot Tub Tiara Parties

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One response to “Fingers crossed!

  1. Well considering we got the Group of the Year Award for our size last year, I would say we’re pretty active ! Haven’t been able to get Bangor revved up yet but the Portland area is BUSY! We have Games Night in OOB Saturday, then Trivia in South Portland Tuesday night…..

    Where are you located ??

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